The Zelda Cast

Episode 225 - Grading Every Outfit in Breath of the Wild!

August 16, 2022

Another week has crept away with no Breath of the Wild 2 news, but fret not: we're here to talk about a part of Breath of the Wild that we haven't explored yet: fashion! Well, fashion, stats, practicality, etc... Yes, that's right, we are here today to bust our best Blue Steel and critique all of Link's outfits in Breath of the Wild! Which armor set do we have a soft spot for? Which ones are the bottom of the barrel? Are our opinions of the Tunic of the Wild controversial, or do more Zelda fans agree with us? Can Andy convince Al that the Tingle Suit is S-tier? Maybe most importantly, who thought it was a good idea to take Rex's, of all characters, outfit from Xenoblade and slap it into Breath of the Wild!??

All this, PLUS some Summer of Metroid Madness talk and a brief couple of movie reviews. Come hang with us, and make your own outfit tier ranking here!


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