The Zelda Cast

Episode 220 - Which Mini-Bosses Are Cooler Than Their Dungeon’s Final Bosses?

July 11, 2022

Welcome back for another week of the freshest Zelda podcast around! Today, Andy and Al are taking a look over the series and trying to identify which dungeons mini-bosses are actually way cooler than the final boss of the dungeon. Dark Link? Yeah, way cooler than Morpha. Dangoro? Fyrus doesn't even come close to matching that fight. On and on, until we have a definitive list of ultra cool mini-bosses, some of which may surprise you. Plus, we give some love to some honorable mentions - mini-bosses that may not eclipse the final boss, but maybe reach the same level.

All this PLUS a tooon of Zelda Dungeon Marathon talk! We detail what games we're playing, the new Zelda Cast merch, world record attempts, and... A Link to the Past using DDR pads to move?? You don't want to miss out!


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