The Champions’ Cast - Zelda Dungeon Podcast

Episode 71 - Building the Ultimate Fire Emblem Style Zelda Game

August 20, 2019

It's definitely no secret at all that Fire Emblem: Three Houses is taking over the world. Critically acclaimed and criminally addicting, the fellas have been playing so much of it lately we just had to talk about how a Zelda game would work in this style. Joined by Zelda Dungeons' own David Wayne Nystrom, we talk about how S supports might work, weapons triangles, could there be dungeons, what art style this game should be in, what kind of playable units we'd like to see, would we make this a canon game, and if so, where on the timeline does it go? We are breaking it down, so come join!

As a bonus, for anyone like us addicted to Fire Emblem, we do a quick spoilercast on Three Houses at the end of the show - which house did we pick, what's up with Byleth, who are we getting hitched to, and more! It's a jam-packed ep that you won't wanna miss!