The Champions’ Cast - Zelda Dungeon Podcast

Episode 43 - Which Zelda Had The Best Ending, How Much Do Graphics Matter, and Would Anyone Buy a CD-i Zelda Collection?

January 22, 2019

Taylor is out sick this week, so we had to push back our Wind Waker spectacle, but never fear! In his place is some Zelda Dungeon royalty: Copy Editing Legend Alasyn Eletha and the big cheese himself, Mases Hagopian! This week, the crew embrace the user generate Daily Debates to answer some pretty heavy hitting questions: Which Zelda game has the best ending? Do the graphical styles influence our initial opinions? Which game is the hardest? Could we ever see that fabled third Oracle game? Would anyone buy a CD-I Zelda collection? What would Link's finishing move in wrestling be??

We had an absolute blast this week and got pretty in-depth, and there's even some Angelfire love! Come and laugh with us!