The Zelda Cast

Episode 224 - Ranking the Best Final Castles in the Series!

August 8, 2022

What's up Zelda fans! This week, Andy and Al are taking a trip through the series to discuss and rank all of the best FINAL CASTLES (and Towers... and Palaces... and-) in the series! About half the games feature some kind of version of Hyrule Castle / Ganon's Tower / Some kind of equivalent, so we're breaking down which one is the cream of the crop! What's the right length for a final castle? Can a dungeon lack charisma? Is re-fighting the same bosses from earlier dungeons at the end of the game ever a good idea? And most importantly, when Andy and Al reach a standstill about where one particular castle should be ranked, who breaks first!?

All this and more, PLUS some terrible coffee stories and technical bloopers aplenty to laugh at (make sure to stick around to the very end!), so make sure you come join us! Also, check out Zelda & Chill 2 for that sweet Hyrule Castle beat!


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