The Zelda Cast

Episode 218 - The Zelda Timeline, Demise Returning, Unbreakable Weapons and More Questions Answered

June 27, 2022

After a week off sick, the gang are back together to answer your fan submitted questions! We asked you to head to Twitter and give us questions, and you delivered big time! Has the fervor around the Zelda timeline died out in recent years? Is there any way the corpse shown in the sequel trailer is Demise? Are the days of new, top down Zelda games over? What’s a way to mix breakable weapons and classic Zelda items? What were the biggest lessons Breath of the Wild taught Nintendo about what fans want out of Zelda? Is a Zelda Shrine maker more practical than a Zelda Dungeon maker?

All this and so much more, PLUS some Covid stories, real world talk, and Nintendo Direct chatter. Come hang with us!


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