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Episode 141 - Imagining a Cyberpunk Zelda Game

December 28, 2020

Open your eyes.

All around you, tall, sweeping skyscrapers everywhere the eye can see. Dark, gritty streets. Neon lights illuminating the night. The potion shops, open and selling luminescent brews to anyone willing to pay for them. Round the clock surveillance by the flying Guardian drones. A frightened people, scurrying about, desperately trying not to be noticed. 

The land of Hyrule has changed over the centuries. Using the Sheikahs technology, the world has advanced further than anyone ever thought possible. The legends and the gods of old were forgotten, and in their place, new gods rose up: the gods of technology, media, and progress. Gone was the Kingdom of Hyrule. Replacing it was GanIncorpotated, the largest conglomerate in the world who was secretly controlling everything and everyone. Presidents, mayors, leaders, were all nothing. GanIncorp were the men behind the masks. 

Citizens living in fear. GanIncorp running the world. No hope. No tomorrow.

Open your eyes.

You are Link. Welcome to Hyrule 2149.

... I mean, you'd play that game, right? Come listen as we pitch what a really cool Cyberpunk Zelda might look like, and how there's a lot more cyberpunk in Zelda already - maybe more than you think!


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