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Episode 109 - Pitching a Final Fantasy VII Style Remake of Ocarina of Time

May 18, 2020

So a couple weeks ago on my other podcast Virtual Theater, I was telling Gooey that I wouldn't buy the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake because it was a remake of only the first 5-10% of the game. I even said "that would be like remaking Ocarina of Time and only having the entire game take place in Kokiri Forest!". Fast forward to now, and I caved and bought FFVIIR, really enjoyed it, and felt like it offered a complete experience. So in order to not have to eat a bunch of crow, I came up with an Ocarina of Time Remake game of my own... set entirely in Kokiri Forest!

Come hear my pitch on what this game could look like, what you could expand, how many dungeons you could include, and how big a re-imagined Kokiri Forest could look like! Is it an insane idea? Yes! Should it ever happen? Definitely not! Would you play the game I'm pitching Gooey this week? Let me know!

I'm really interested to see everyone's feedback, so come and tell me on Twitter or Discord if you thought this pitch was cool, cause if enough of you do, maybe we can get to Part 2!


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