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Episode 95 - Exploring All the Rumors and Myths Surrounding the Fabled Third Oracle Game, Oracle of Secrets

February 12, 2020

Buckle in get ready for storytime! We explore all the rumors and whispers surrounding what may be the most high profile game Nintendo never made  The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Secrets! Did this game really use a hourglass to control time? What about having different tunics for light and dark? What was this supposed to play like? And then the real meat of the story - testimony from a supposed translator for Nintendo that played a beta version!

You have to hear this outrageous story to believe it! DO NOT MISS this episode, and read along with the original version of the story here.

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Andy Spiteri – @Spiteri316

Kevin O’Rourke – @Shabazzle

Alasyn Eletha – @AlasynEletha

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