The Champions’ Cast - Zelda Dungeon Podcast

Episode 83 - How Pokémon Sword & Shield Reminds Us of Breath of the Wild

November 19, 2019

Hello everybody and welcome to The Champions' Cast Pokémon Cast! With not a lot of Zelda news going on, the crew decides to deep dive into the world of Pokémon Sword and Shield! What are our initial impressions? Do we like the Galar region? What aspects of these games remind us of Breath of the Wild? Is this game groundbreaking enough to be called "the BOTW of Pokémon"? Maybe most importantly, is Hop the most annoying character Nintendo has ever created? Plus, why Okamiden is worth your time!

Come join Andy and Alasyn as they take a week off from Zelda and talk Pokémon!