The Champions’ Cast - Zelda Dungeon Podcast

Episode 81 - A LIVE Reading of Murder in Castle Town – Part 2

November 5, 2019

The king of Hyrule has been murdered! And Link is on the case!

In this special Halloween edition of The Champions’ Cast, the staff of Zelda Dungeon comes together for a live dramatic reading of “Murder in Castle Town,” a murder mystery fan fiction written last Halloween by our very own Kat Vadam and Rod Lloyd. Listen along as Link investigates the grizzly murder King Hyrule and confronts a colorful cast of suspects. No one can be trusted! And no one is who they claim to be! Intrigue and danger await!


The Cast:

Narrator / Link – Rod Lloyd
Zelda – Judy Calder
Ganondorf – David Nystrom
Mutoh – Rod Lloyd
Ingo – Almog Rimmer
Darunia – Brandon Schmitz
Ruto – Alasyn Eletha
Nabooru – Heather Beard
Impa – Alasyn Eletha
King of Hyrule – Gooey Fame
The Mask Salesman – Kat Vadam
Potion Shop Hag – David Nystrom
Hyrule Citizen (Male) – Adam Barham
Hyrule Citizen (Female) – Alison Brunyee
Bartender (Female) – Alison Brunyee
Castle Servant Girl – Heather Beard

Music used:

Twilight Symphony by Zelda Reorchestrated

LA Noire Soundtrack

Breath of the Wild Soundtrack

Twilight Princess Soundtrack

Time's End by Theophany

A Timeless Lullaby - Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound

Majora's Mask: Boss Battle Orchestral Arrangement - The Noble Demon

Princess in the Sanctuary - RebeccaETripp

Safety in the Sanctuary - Verdegrand