The Champions’ Cast - Zelda Dungeon Podcast

Episode 54 - Playing a Zelda Themed Game of “Would You Rather?”

April 9, 2019

Helloooo and welcome to another fun episode of the Cast! This week, we play a fun game of "Would You Rather?" centered all around Zelda! Would you rather have more frequent releases that are good, or would you rather have to wait for a great one? Would you rather have Naughty Dog or Insomniac develop a Zelda game? Would you rather each new Link start from scratch and experience the hero's journey, or harness all of the memories and experience of previous Link's? Would you rather play as Zelda or Ganondorf?

All this and way more, with even a bonus Metroid WYR question sprinkled in! Plus , we talk about Breath of the Wild's upcoming VR experience! This episode is a load of fun!