The Zelda Cast

Episode 234 - Our Pitches, Ideas, and Casting Choices for a Zelda Movie!

October 10, 2022

With the trailer for the much anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie finally hitting the airwaves this week, the gang decide what better time than now to go over and pitch what their ideas for a Legend of Zelda movie might look like! Is it safe to assume it would be an animated movie since Nintendo bought an animation studio? Would the plot follow a game or have an original story? Who would voice act the iconic roles of Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf? What other movies and shows would we use as inspiration?

We dive into this, PLUS react to the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer, talking Chris Pratt's Mario voice, how awesome Jack Black is, the quality of the animation, and whether or not we're excited for the movie! Come hang out and let us know who you would cast and what your Zelda movie would look like!


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