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Episode 187 - Playing Zelda-Themed ”Would You Rather…”

November 15, 2021

Another week goes by, another week with no Zelda news. In order to pas the time and entertain ourselves, Andy and Al are joined by Gooey Fame to answer some Zelda-themed "would you rather" questions. Would we rather see a live action or animated Zelda movie? Would we rather hang out at Telma's Bar or the Lofty Pumpkin? Would we rather every new Zelda game play like Tri Force Heroes or look like Twilight Princess? Would we rather work for Beedle or Tingle? Would we rather have the Spinner in real life or the Master Cycle Zero?

All this and so many more questions, some goofy, some serious! PLUS, we chat a little wrestling and Zelda animated cartoon!


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