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Episode 173 - Ranking the Dungeons of Skyward Sword

August 8, 2021

Last week in our Definitive Ranking of Skyward Sword, we glossed over the dungeons, giving them a perfect 5 and promising to elaborate the next week. Well, that week is now here, and we have a lot to say about the different dungeons of Skyward Sword! We go over all seven dungeons, discussing in great detail the bosses, the items, the music, the aesthetic, and puzzles, and more! We had wildly different rankings, so there was some hard bargaining too! Come tell us what you think of our list, and make sure to let us know what your faves are!

PLUS... what kind of world are we living in when Nintendo acknowledges Metroid's 35th anniversary and not Zelda's?! Craziness!

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