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Episode 167 - The Zonai Tribe, Time Travel, and Other Breath of the Wild Sequel Question/Theories Answered

June 28, 2021

We're still on cloud nine after finally seeing the latest Breath of the Wild 2 trailer, so this week, the gang tackle your fan questions and theories! We're covering a whole array of topics, including our take on the popular fan theory about the Zonai Tribe and their potential influence on the game. Plus, might we be playing both in the present and 10,000 years in the past? Will Age of Calamity's ending have any impact on Breath of the Wild 2? Is it coincidence or design that Skyward Sword HD releases so close before? What's the sweet spot for open world gameplay vs traditional storytelling? Is Demise showing back up? How about Astor? How about Fi?!

So much to unpack, so much to talk about! Make sure you're hanging out with us!


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