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Episode 160 - Discussing Our Favorite Versions of Princess Zelda

May 10, 2021

Another week in the bags as we get closer and closer to E3 and (hopefully) Zelda's return. To help pass the time, we are talking about a different Zelda this week... or actually, a bunch of them! Andy and Alasyn are discussing all of the different appearances of Princess Zelda over the years and which ones they liked and disliked. Everything from the character design to the story to the character arcs and everything else are on the table here, so make sure you check it out and weight in on your favorite versions of Zelda. Unsurprisingly, Andy has an particularly harsh opinion of one of the series' most beloved incarnations of Zelda, so you'll definitely want to check this out!

All this, PLUS some TV talk! House of Cards, The Expanse, Castlevania, and more! Come hang with us!



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