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Episode 157 - Rental Systems, Wall Merging, Copy Cat Syndrome, and More in A Link Between Worlds Q&A!

April 19, 2021

Another week, another Legend of Zelda game specific Q&A! This week, we asked our community on Discord and Facebook to ask us anything they wanted to about one of the most overlooked games in the franchise: A Link Between Worlds!

Cody Davies of Zelda Universe joins the gang this week to tackle topics like our thoughts on the rental system, was the map too similar to A Link to the Past, who was our favorite Sage, what did we think of the big twist at the end, how much time did we spend in the Milk Bar, and so much more!

Come hang out with us and make sure you're following us so that you can get it in on the action next time we have a Q&A!



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