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Episode 123 - The Downfall Timeline, Ura Zelda, and FPS Gameplay in Ocarina of Time Q&A

August 24, 2020

We hope there are some fans of Ocarina of Time around, because this week we dedicated an hour to Ocarina of Time Q&A! How would the game have turned out if it was a FPS, like originally intended? What's our least favorite thing about the game? Can Ocarina legitimately be called the greatest game ever made? Could Link and Zelda be brother and sister? What are our favorite mini games? What's this new theory that actually makes the Downfall Timeline make sense?! All this and more!

We were joined by the face of Zelda Universe, Amanda van Hiel, this week so make sure you check her out over on Twitter (@amandavanhiel) and over on her Twitch channel!


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