The Champions’ Cast - Zelda Dungeon Podcast

Episode 108 - Ranking the Dungeons of The Wind Waker

May 11, 2020

Hey everyone! Grab your swift sails and come for a ride with us as we get ready to dive into the dungeons of Link's maiden GameCube adventure! We get in depth and talk bosses, items, music, and so much more of every one of The Wind Waker's 7 main dungeons. Which dungeon has Final Fantasy music? Which one did Alasyn rank last that Andy ranked first? Why does everybody love Molgera??

Come find out with us as we explore everything dungeon related this week!


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Andy Spiteri – @Spiteri316

Kevin O’Rourke – @Shabazzle

Alasyn Eletha – @AlasynEletha

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