Episode 47 - Link’s Awakening Remake is Finally Happening for the Switch! Our Reactions and Hopes

February 14, 2019

Wow. Wowowowowow!! Talk about a way to end a Nintendo Direct! YES, the long rumored remake of Link's Awakening was FINALLY revealed today and Andy and Taylor dive full steam ahead into it! Did we like the trailer? What's up with those graphics?? Is it going to get a subtitle? When do we expect it to be released? Does this put the kibosh on the Skyward Sword HD rumors? All this and so much more!

We also cover everything else presented in the Direct, so buckle in for a very special mid-week edition of The Champions' Cast!

Episode 46 - Who Are Link’s Greatest Love Interests and Talking the Greatest Love Stories in the Zelda Series

February 11, 2019

Welcome to a very special loooove themed episode of The Champions' Cast. With Valentines Day right around the corner and Zelda Dungeon celebrating it's Week of Love, Andy and Taylor pick up this perfect opportunity to talk all things romance in the Zelda series and run with it! Do we even like romance in Zelda? Do we like choosing your partner or a predetermined narrative? Who do we "ship" together in the series? What are the greatest romantic angles the series has ever produced? Where do we stand on Midna, Anju, Kafei, Marin, and... Navi?? And most importantly, are we #TeamMipha or #TeamZelda??

Love is in the air in this episode, so sit back and enjoy our deep dive into all four pieces of the heart!

Episode 45 - The Wind Waker Followup, Nintendo News, and Imagining a Zelda Kingdom Hearts Game

February 5, 2019

WELCOME BACK to another week, another episode, another great time hanging out with us over at The Champions' Cast. Since thing last week got a bit testy, we brought in friend of the show / middle man / fight breaker-upper Gooey Fame to give us his two cents on The Wind Waker. The boys relax and run through a bunch of Nintendo news, including new Dr. Mario, Darksiders, and Switch sales numbers, before having a chat about what Zelda game needs the 'Resident Evil 2' treatment and how cool it would be to have Sora and co. from Kingdom Hearts explore Nintendo worlds instead of Disney!

You'll wanna check this out for sure! It was a fun and breezy episode after last weeks storm, so come hang out with us!

Episode 44 - Debating Whether The Wind Waker is the Worst Zelda Ever or Not

January 29, 2019

It's Andy vs Taylor this week as Taylor FINALLY gets down to the nitty gritty of why he believes The Wind Waker is the worst Zelda game of them all... but if you thought Andy was going to let him bury Toon Link and his cell-shaded adventure without a challenge, you thought wrong. Full of tense arguments, swift debates, and a little shouting here and there, this will be one you don't want to miss!

Also on the dock, we discuss the bombastic announcement from Nintendo about Metroid Prime 4 and speculate if the same thing happened to Breath of the Wild, only privately. Come join in on the fun!

Episode 43 - Which Zelda Had The Best Ending, How Much Do Graphics Matter, and Would Anyone Buy a CD-i Zelda Collection?

January 22, 2019

Taylor is out sick this week, so we had to push back our Wind Waker spectacle, but never fear! In his place is some Zelda Dungeon royalty: Copy Editing Legend Alasyn Eletha and the big cheese himself, Mases Hagopian! This week, the crew embrace the user generate Daily Debates to answer some pretty heavy hitting questions: Which Zelda game has the best ending? Do the graphical styles influence our initial opinions? Which game is the hardest? Could we ever see that fabled third Oracle game? Would anyone buy a CD-I Zelda collection? What would Link's finishing move in wrestling be??

We had an absolute blast this week and got pretty in-depth, and there's even some Angelfire love! Come and laugh with us!

Episode 42 - Link’s Reawakening Rumors, What N64 Game Needs A Sequel, Fixing Our Least Favorite Zelda Games and More!

January 15, 2019

Andy and Taylor are back to cover a wide variety of different fans questions. On the table is Link's Reawakening, our thoughts on Lana from Hyrule Warriors, which Nintendo 64 game needs a sequel, Horizon: Zero Dawn impressions, and... what each Zelda race smells like??

It's another episode full of fun and shenanigans, and just because it's Taylor's birthday, Andy doesn't make fun of Young Link... that much! Listen here, and get ready for next week as Andy finally makes Taylor explain why he hates The Wind Waker! You won't wanna miss that!

Episode 41 - Imagining What Zelda Would Look Like In Different Gaming Genres

January 8, 2019

With the New Year fully underway, Andy and Taylor delve into the nitty gritty of prior mistakes, controversial Nintendo statements, and a sort of 2019 wish list for the Champion's. Taking inspiration from some other games, the boys discuss what Zelda games might look like if they weren't action adventure titles. Not only that, but Nintendo made a statement recently that has the community all stirred up. Addressing those concerns, Andy and Taylor share their thoughts on what it might mean for the future of Nintendo consoles. What would one of these episodes be without some wild speculation? We've got all this and more on the latest episode of the Champions' Cast!

Episode 40 - Looking Back at Zelda in 2018 and Predicting Zelda in 2019

December 31, 2018

Happy New Year everybody! We're hitting you with our final episode of 2018 recapping the year that was in everything Zelda! Andy, Taylor, and Kat reminisce about those Skyward Sword HD rumors, the Netflix Zelda anime that never happened, the Zelda Encyclopedia, and more! Of course, we also get juicy and dive into some booold predictions for The Legend of Zelda in 2019!

All this, plus Andy and Taylor give their games of the year picks, we reflect on the state of the Switch in 2018, and argue about Smash Bros. (because what kind of episode would this be if we didn't?)! This week's episode is a little bit of a rougher cut compared to our usual polished shows (stop laughing), but hey, it's New Year's Eve and we have plans (read: we wanna play Ultimate until midnight!). 

Enjoy and have a fun and safe New Years! We'll see everybody in 2019!

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Taylor Wells – @GIF_Bluehawk

Kat Vadam – @Esganikan 

Episode 39 - Grading EVERY Fighter in Smash Bros. Ultimate - Part Two!

December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! It's the second part of a two part epic as Andy and Taylor finish assigning grades to every single fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Picking up where we left off, we rank from C+ all the way to our select few A+ fighters! Join us in our longest episode ever yet as we dive deep into the top half of the roster!

From both of us, thank you for the amazing support this year and we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Episode 38 - Grading EVERY Fighter in Smash Bros. Ultimate - Part One

December 18, 2018

WE'VE GOT A FEVER, and the only prescription is more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! This week, it's PART ONE of a two part doozey to get you through the Christmas holidays - grading EVERY SINGLE FIGHTER in Smash Ultimate. Now, this is not as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to averaging out two very different perspectives on what makes a good Smash fighter, so you won't wanna miss how this shakes out!

Which of Andy's favorite characters did Taylor give an F grade to? How many times can Andy say Young Link sucks before Taylor loses it? Who is their consensus pick for the worst newcomer in Ultimate? It's all here and more!